Saturday, 9 October 2021


Vintage Style Custom Zippered Pillow Case

(Twin Sides)

*Cover Only Cushion Not Included


50% Poly/50% Cotton Peach Skin 


These custom cushion covers add "cool" to any beach house, man-cave, bachelor pad, lady cave or favorite hangout. Make every day feel like the weekend!


When you enter your downtime haven, you want to make sure you are entering a zone where you can relax and enjoy your own personal theme, so start with some of these cool designs!


Buy one, a matching set of four, or browse here and pick 4 contrasting. The best part is that postage is free worldwide, so no more to pay than the advertised price.

They have a zippered case,with the opening on the side.

They have a shiny, silk-like sheen to them, for that added retro effect.

With pre-shrunk fabric, this pillowcase is warm machine-washable, but we always recommend using a lingerie bag for protection.

  16" X 16" (40cm X 40cm) - 27.50 AUD 18" X 18" (45cm X 45cm) - 27.50 AUD 20...

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