Thursday, 26 July 2018

It All Started With The Drinking Bird

It was about 1969 or so, and as usual, the parents were off to the neighbors for a 60s themed party, dragging me along in my shorty PJs (oops, it WAS the 60s ha)...I loved these, as not only did it mean I'd be given an Archie or Phantom comic before being sent off to bed so the adults could "talk" (drink beer and probably Blue Nun), just about everyone had cool stuff in their houses.... 

You name it they had it, and since I don't want to totally ruin any future fun posts won't do a "spoiler", but apart from a quick blurt about how much lava lamps hypnotised me, I HAVE to mention the drinking bird sigh.....

Being a child with probably undiagnosed A.D.D. or some such other treat, the minute Mum's smart friend, Beverly, gave Duncan's head a little tap, he started drinking! And drinking and drinking.....actually in writing this, I have a feeling this may have been the start of a more deep-seated issue ha ha! Anyhow, I was transfixed! 

I know for certain that this one one of those defining moments where no matter what happens in life, you remember some of the first things that really surprise and delight, and Duncan was one of those moments....and the lava lamp.....

Check him out below, and also check on the title link above for a full background on why he had Einstein baffled!

If you click on Duncan's picture, you can sure buy him in Australia, but at the very least, give him a 60s smile....

Bel xxx

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