Monday, 30 July 2018

Things To Do In The Loo!

Oh Dear......

An early childhood memory of my dearly (or departed, at least) father.....(divorced not dead ha), was of the Saturday or Sunday morning walk up the hallway with the form-guide (horse racing) under his arm. God forbid anyone who stood in his way on that march to the loo! It contained more surveillance than a current-day visit by the pope, and a far more violent outcome if anyone dared beat him to it...even the cat hid in terror during that march - smart boy Rajah!

Anyhow, my mother was always fascinated out how long a "man" needed to complete this basic bodily function, naturally shooting comments through the door intermittently regarding "should we have an esky installed" or "will you be joining us for lunch" and so get the picture! The fights were epic, and so were the laughs...

SO - we have found the perfect gift for your modern-day he-man, gals....or fellas, you can simply help a mate out with this handy book '"Things To Do In The Loo"

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