Wednesday, 8 August 2018

10 Amazing Retro Hints and Tips From Nanna!

10 Amazing Retro Hints and Tips From Nanna!

This tip is incredible if you have the ticker for it! When you have heartburn that would kill Free Willy, put about 5cm of water in a glass and stir one third of a teaspoon of bicarb of soda into it until it disappears.....then gulp it down real fast as it tastes a bit yuk....this has worked for me over the years better than anything ANY doctor or chemist can provide, and in mean anything!   

Oven cleaning? I discovered this one when we did our last house's not so much the oven but the stainless steel shelving and sides.....well, kids, take 'em out and put them into a large plastic garbage bag - yep - all of them! Pour in 2 cups of cloudy ammonia, tie the bag off and leave them out in the yard day, take them over to the hose and the baked on stuff just actually hoses off! I could not believe my eyes! Just a little swish with a steel scourer and gleaming like new....I have a grill tray  I am about to experiment with, too.... 

Get hubby to install a low hanging curtain rod in your wardrobe so you can hang all your shoes by the heels - the flats can go on the floor below.

Shower caps - have miles of uses for these, but a great idea is to save the ones from motels and use it to cover that annoying watermelon or rock melon half in the fridge!

Sticky drawers? Pull the drawer out and rub the bits that touch with sunlight soap (or any soap) - problem solved!

If you are painting inside - put a paper picnic plate under the tin.....crisis averted!

I learned this one from some professional get to the tracks in shower doors or window sills, spray the tracks with cleaner, pop your cleaning cloth over the end of a knitting needle run it along the grime (press hard of course) and woila! Like brand new!

Ok Nobody wants to hear this one, but keeping a box of matches hidden in the loo is not a silly works! After "Sir" has been in there for a session (no problems for us girls of course ha), get him to light a match....problem solved! (This hint is dependent on cooperation of course) :)

Static electricity making your dress/skirt cling in all the wrong places? Keep some hand cream or a mini hairspray canister in your purse for emergencies....rub on your stockings or legs and problem solved....may need to rub on your foundations garments too if the problem is higher!

You know how Nanna used to wrap all the scraps in newspaper? Well not a bad idea these days in light of the plastic bag crack-down! Buy a paper once a week (small cost) and use it for the same thing (eliminates smells and you can chop up on the bench), PLUS line your bin with a sheet of folded newspaper to capture leaks (no need to wash bin anymore) and use it to wrap cat litter scoops or pick up doggy doo doo and wrap - straight to the bin and minimal smells....

Thanks Nanna!

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