Friday, 17 August 2018

10 Terrifying Trials Of Our Childhoods.....

Read on - hoping you make it through. Warning - some may find this content too scary to view ha ha ha!

1. Jungle Gym - hope that's grass down there, but I suspect not! Today's Jungle Gyms are made of cotton wool, so all is well now.....

2. The Gully - we all had one....usually chasing yabbies....only about 1 time in 100 was there a pervert waiting behind a bush waving something at us....whew!

3. Riding Inner Tubes Down the River When In Flood - see the determination and anticipation on the faces of these kids! Can't wait to risk their lives in the rapids....I think they knew how to hang on in those days :)

4. Bare Feet - not a shoe in this was a great way for the parents to ensure that the tetanus shots were up to date...a regular occurrence - usually after cutting our feet on a dog bone or standing on the rake....oh, I miss it!

5. Cowboys, Indians, War Games With Weapons - hoping these kids aren't serial killers or mass murderers today, but I think we all saw a bit of these harmless shenanigans! Wondering about that arrow though!

6. Tree Climbing - broken arms abound....this taught the kiddies to have grit! These are today's risk takers.....don't think they are big on the blame game either, I imagine? Bit worried about little Timmy hanging lowest there....don't think I'd like to see him as an adult not receiving a bonus!

7. Peanuts and Peanut Paste - ok everyone, take it easy.....not sure what happened, but there was not one peanut allergy in my school of 1000 - unless you count inhaling one up your nose when mucking around? Hmmmmmm - interesting....or does having the allergy simply MAKE them interesting, when otherwise they are not? Sigh...who would know? Understand this stuff is real today, but how did we get here?

8. Billy Carts and Pushies With No Helmets - wind in your hair, sense of freedom, no fines, smiling, laughing....ok potential head injuries, but butterfly for a day or a moth for a week....choices, choices....never knew anyone who got a head injury - maybe it's all the cars on the road these days - probably.

10. Back of the truck standing up - usually up the beach - freedom at its craziest, usually on a Sunday when you had a good sulk from around 5pm because the contrasting thought of school discipline was too much - yep - they had the cuts and consequences....corporal punishment - love it!

11. Bonus point of.....MUD PIES! All those wonderful germs, worms and so forth - second only to discovering a cat poo in the sand pit....oh the memories.....

Hope you had as much fun as I did and that you can sleep tonight after all the danger! Bel xxxx

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